Digicrome Academy is the
Global IT Upskilling

Platform. By providing top-tier mentorship and tech-driven programs in the native language of learners worldwide, we empower individuals with the ability to excel in the IT Sector job market.

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Major Milestones in Our Journey

Stay Ahead with the Support of our Learner Community

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From 2 LPA to 2 Lacs per
month salary, Digicrome
transformed my career
Being together like a family
from education to job hunting.
Thanks to Digicrome
Today, I've climbed the corporate ladder
from a lower position to a higher one
Digicrome made it possible
After completing the course,
achieved my dream salary of
16 LPA in just 9 months
I got 250% salary hike in just
11 Months. All thanks to
Digicrome Team
Unbelievable! Today, I'm at the
position I once dreamt of, and that
too with a great package of 33 LPA
Data scientist even with a
non-technical background,
digicrome made it possible
I have realized my career dreams
today by achieving high-level
positions in foreign countries.

Digicrome's Impact on Graduate Salaries

Digicrome vs. The Industry
Our graduates secure positions with salaries that, on average, exceed the industry standard by an impressive 60%. Digicrome alumni stand out as some of the country's most well-placed professionals, with salaries reaching as high as ₹33 LPA.


Targeted Career Opportunities by Industry

Sector Wise Distribution
Digicrome works to find the best job and company fit for each student, giving them a great start to their career, Through personalized guidance and industry connections, Digicrome helps students secure the ideal job, setting the stage for a successful career journey.