UI/UX Design Professional

Program Overview

Embark on a journey to becoming a distinguished UI/UX professional with Digicrome's UI/UX Design Professional Certification Training. Designed to equip individuals with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic field of design, this certification program is tailored for those who aspire to craft exceptional digital products and services.

Why Choose Digicrome?

At Digicrome, we prioritize providing world-class education and training that aligns with industry standards and trends. With a focus on practical learning and hands-on experience, our certification programs ensure that participants are well-prepared to tackle real-world design challenges. Led by seasoned industry experts with over 20 years of experience, our courses guarantee a comprehensive understanding of UI/UX design principles and practices.

Who Can Take This Course?

This certification training is suitable for:

  1. Web Designers
  2. Visual or Graphic Designers
  3. Mobile Application Designers
  4. UI/UX Professionals
  5. Software Designers and Developers
  6. Information Architects
  7. Interaction Designers and Developers

Objectives of UI/UX Design Professional Certification Training:

  1. Master the hidden concepts of UI and UX design to develop top-tier products and services.
  2. Enhance design skills to effectively collaborate with developers and clients, ensuring higher productivity and success rates.
  3. Stay updated with current market trends and deliver outstanding products that meet customer satisfaction.
  4. Create meaningful and intuitive interfaces, structures, and workflows to streamline the design process and produce exceptional outcomes.


No specific background or experience is required to enroll in this certification program. Basic computer skills and a fundamental understanding of the English language are recommended.

Course Highlights:

  1. Duration: 80 hours of Instructor-Led Online Sessions led by certified professionals.
  2. Access to video recording tutorials for missed classes.
  3. Comprehensive curriculum covering all essential modules with varied training approaches.
  4. Study materials, website references, and relevant resources were provided during training sessions.
  5. Periodic chapter tests to identify areas for improvement and provide tailored assistance.
  6. Hands-on training with 80% practical sessions in well-equipped digital labs.

Benefits of UI/UX Design Certification Training at Digicrome:

  1. Enhance skills essential for designing outstanding products and services.
  2. Stay updated with current techniques and strategies to achieve career goals.
  3. Gain necessary knowledge, strategies, and skills to succeed as a UI/UX professional.
  4. Access to expert trainers for guidance and support through online chat and screen sharing.
  5. International recognition for opportunities with global organizations.
  6. Affordable certification training that fits everyone's budget.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to advance your design career with Digicrome's UI/UX Design Professional Certification Training. Enroll now to save time and money while gaining invaluable skills and expertise in UI/UX design.

UI/UX Design Professional

  1. 70000.00
  • 80 Hours
  • Live Online
  • Student Handouts
  • Industrial Projects

Key Highlights

  • Live Online80 Hours
  • Experienced FacultiesLive Online
  • Students HandoutsStudent Handouts
  • Solid FoundationIndustrial Projects
  • Solid FoundationExpert Experienced Trainers
  • Solid Foundation1:1 Doubt Session
  • Solid FoundationLearning Management System
  • Solid Foundation24*7 Career Support

Program Objective

  • Introduction to UX UI Design

  • What is User Interaction

  • What is Cognitive Model

  • What is Mental Model

  • User Experience (UX) Design and its used?

  • Elements of UX Design

  • Elements used in User Experience Design.

  • How it Work Together.

  • What is Big Picture?

  • What is Persona in UX Design

  • UX Process

  • Defining the UX Design Process and its Methodology.

  • Flow Chat

  • User Map

  • UX Design Process

  • What is Research in User Experience Design?

  • User Needs and its Goals

  • How to deliver a research and it phases.

  • Tools and Method used for Research

  • Know about Business Goals

  • UX Design Process

  • Visual Design Principles

  • Interaction Design

  • Wire framing & Storyboarding

  • Screen Design and Layouts

  • Information Design and Data Visualization

  • Information Architecture

  • Elements and Widgets

  • Project

  • Quiz

  • UX Design Process & Testing Methods

  • Design Testing Methods and Techniques.

  • Create plan for the Usability

  • What is Prototype and how we design it.

  • How to prepare Usability Testing?

  • Usability Testing – Types and Process

  • What is Tests?

  • Various Prototyping Tools

  • How to understand & refine Usability Test Results?

  • Quiz

  • UX Improvement Process

  • Understanding the Usability Test findings

  • Improving the design

  • Applying the Usability Test feedback

  • Project

  • Quiz

  • UX Delivery Process

  • How to communicate with implementation team

  • UX Deliverables and its process

  • Portfolio Preparation and Setup

  • Quiz

  • UI/UX Project

  • Web Projects

  • Toolset

  • Interface and Product Design

  • Android and IOS

  • POS System

  • Dashboard

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