Program Overview

The role of a Product Owner is pivotal in the Scrum framework, requiring a deep understanding of product management principles and agile methodologies. Through the Advanced Scrum Product Owner Professional (ASPOP) course, participants will explore advanced topics and techniques to enhance their skills and excel in this critical role.

Course Overview:

  1. Gain an in-depth understanding of the Product Owner role and its various work scenarios within the Scrum framework.
  2. Learn techniques to develop product vision, strategy, and roadmaps, as well as engage in advanced release planning.
  3. Enhance knowledge and implementation skills related to Story Mapping, Impact Mapping, Behaviour-driven Driven Development, and Advanced Product Backlog refinement.
  4. Practice product discovery methods such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and customer modelling using personas.
  5. Utilize case-study-based learning exercises and interactive sessions to elevate Product Owner skills to the next level.

Benefits of ASPOP Certification:

  1. Learn Lean and Kanban methodologies, and principles to manage product development in complex environments.
  2. Sharpen focus on maximizing value in product backlog management and prioritize effectively.
  3. Work more confidently with stakeholders and customers, fostering effective collaboration.
  4. Gain insights into concepts like Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and customer modelling, enhancing product discovery and development.

Exam Format:

  1. Multiple choice questions and case studies comprise the exam, with 60 questions to be answered within a 90-minute.
  2. No negative marking ensures candidates can approach the exam with confidence.

Audience Profile and Prerequisites:

  1. Audience Profile: Professionals with three years of experience managing Scrum/Agile Projects, seeking to enhance their Product Owner skills.
  2. Prerequisites: Must be certified as a Scrum Product Owner Professional (SPOP).


By obtaining the ASPOP certification, you will elevate your Product Owner skills, enabling you to effectively navigate complex product development scenarios and collaborate more confidently with stakeholders and customers. Take the next step in your career and distinguish yourself as an expert Product Owner in the agile landscape.

Advanced Scrum Product Owner Professional (ASPOP)

  1. 70000.00
  • 2 days
  • Live Online
  • Student Handouts
  • Industrial Projects

Key Highlights

  • Live Online2 days
  • Experienced FacultiesLive Online
  • Students HandoutsStudent Handouts
  • Solid FoundationIndustrial Projects
  • Solid FoundationExpert Experienced Trainers
  • Solid Foundation1:1 Doubt Session
  • Solid FoundationLearning Management System
  • Solid Foundation24*7 Career Support

Program Objective

  • Agile methodologies revisited
    • Lean Thinking

    • Kanban

    • Scrum

    • Product Owner in Depth

    • Characteristics of PO

    • Perspectives of a PO

    • Product strategy and planning

    • Developing Product vision and strategy

    • Roadmaps and release planning

    • Product Backlog creation and management

    • Understanding stakeholder requirements

    • Story mapping

    • Impact mapping

    • Insights into measuring value

    • Behaviour driven Development

    • Advanced Product Backlog refinement

    • Working with customers

    • Understanding customers

    • Product discovery techniques - Design thinking, Lean Startup

    • Product development using hypothesis

    • Customer Journey Mapping and Personas

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